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I will happily take one of these

Was gonna 'FIRE' this off as an email to a 'close friend ' to reassure I've had a vasectomy so no pregnancy issue to worry about ,as I 'FIRE BLANKS' so was one worry less for both of us ‼️🔫

1,500 People watching Roy Elghanayan's Krav Maga LIVE!    #KravMaga

Roy Elghanayan and his school from Krav Maga L. represented Israel and Krav Maga as a Self Defense System at the United States Martial Arts Festival 2010 a.

Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Introduction to Krav Maga

In this free video clip learn the basic principles of Krav Maga, self-defense martial art, and get expert tips on beginning a training regimine.