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Tomas Pavlicek

Tomas Pavlicek
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1-SCALE 1:10.000/1.000 ********************* [The six 1-square mile samples of urban patterns (above) and their primal graphs (below): 1. Ahmedabad; 2. Barcelona; 3. San Francisco; 4. Venezia; 5. Wien; 6. Walnut Creek. Cities are so diverse that, at a first sight, it seems hard to imagine that they share any common, though hidden, pattern, which is what they actually do.]

The six mile samples of urban patterns (above) and their primal graphs (below): Ahmedabad;


Dumpsters offer a wealth of possibilities to creative communities who need some fresh amenities in their neighborhoods. Lined with a tarp, they become pools and wetlands; lined with plywood they become half-pipes.

The Off-Ground Installation by Dutch designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard provides Copenhagen's adults with a jungle gym of their own, complete with hammocks made of recycled fire hoses. #Placemaking #LQC #Upcycling

Seasonal hammocks scattered along the river? off ground - playful seating elements for public spaces :: rejected fire hoses were used as material for the seating elements

How To Revitalize a Highway Underpass (Hint: Turn it into Munchkinland!)

Awarded ‘Best Future Building’ at the 2010 Scottish Design Awards, Architects + RankinFraser Landscape Architecture’s Garscube Landscape Link.