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Tomáš Krůpa
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200 ghladká mouka 1 bal.prášek do pečiva 1/2 lžičkysůl 150 gbílý jogurt 5 lžicslunečnicový olej Omáčka: 300 grajčatový protlak 1 lžíceolej 1 lžičkasušené oregano 1/4 lžičkysůl 1/4 lžičkyčervená paprika 1/4 lžičkypepř Na vrch: 200 gcuketa 150 gčervená paprika 2 ksjarní cibulka sýr, šunka

Nejrychlejší domácí pizza z bílého jogurtu připravená za 30 minut!

Puff Pastry Four Ways: from Lady Beth, the famous 'Sweetie!'

Puff Pastry Four Ways: from Lady Beth, the famous 'Sweetie!'

DHT11 and DHT22 Humidity Sensor Tutorial

The and temperature and humidity sensors are self-contained digital output devices which are simmilar in functionality, but differ in their specs.


The limited number of GPIO pins on the may seem like an obstacle, for any serious application. Yet if one uses the pins in a smart way it is very well possible to do a lot with only …

Adding an RTC and OLED to ESP8266-01 – Arduino & ESP8266 stuff

Adding an RTC and OLED to is fairly easy with The has 4 I/O pins that can be used for using the and for sda resp scl is more or less standard.

Sooner or later an LCD display will be needed. The problem with the typical LCD is that it takes most of the I/O pins on the Arduino just to talk to it.

Many projects require a display, but often there are not enough pins for your project and the display. only uses 2 wires - and

Wiring DHT11, DHT22, with OLED Screen on ESP8266 12E |

Yet another illustration how to use the OLED Screen Display, and DHTXX Temperature & Humidity Sensor, The OLED Screen Display module it is