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Personal yeast cakes filled with butter and cinnamon - krantz
A recipe for 32 personal cakes 500 grams of flour A quarter teaspoon of salt. 100 grams of sugar Yeast spoon 100g soft butter cut into cubes, at room temperature A glass of milk at room temperature :!p7 100g very soft butter A cup of brown sugar Cinnamon spoon A spoonful of vanilla essence
Almuerzos saludables
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a bowl filled with black and red cookies on top of a table
Brimstone Bread
Castellon's Kitchen: Brimstone Bread
an apple croissant with powdered sugar on top sitting on a wooden table
Cranberry Orange Brioche Star | Kitchen Vignettes | PBS Food
Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts
These are the most delicious and easiest treat ever #baking #baker #recipes #puffpastry #chocolate
chocolate turtle cookies with green frosting on top
blueberry almond christmas bread wreath on a plate with the words blueberry almond christmas bread wreath
Blueberry and Almond Christmas Bread Wreath Recipe
jam donut babka in a pan with the title overlaying it
Jam donut babka (vegan)
Jam donut babka (vegan)
Creative Idea & Making Puppies
chocolate hazelnut twists on a baking sheet and in muffin tins
Chocolate Hazelnut Twists
chocolate cupcakes decorated with skeletons and bones
ovo de dinossauro – VICKYATA
a green cake with flowers and plants on it's top is sitting on a table
Swamp Cake