Dalmatian by all things paper, via Flickr

Newspaper and black paper dalmation collage. but I'd need fade-proof black construction paper for this to really pop!

Kleurplaat sneeuwpop in de nacht, kleuteridee.nl , snowman by night preschool coloring.

Coloring snowman at night, kleuteridee.nl, snowman by night preschool coloring…

Color Christmas Bell Coloring Page by Thaneeya

The Color Christmas Coloring Book features 28 whimsical coloring pages in a charming small format - perfectly portable stocking stuffers for adults & kids alike!

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Medicine Cabinet

Sublime Stitching - Medicine Cabinet - Embroidery Patterns by Sublime Stitching - for Michele

Jarní květy

Jarní květy

Hrníček na zimní čaj

Winter pattern project for paint in blues, trace a mug and draw patterns with a silver sharpie