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Use dowel and pot magnet to pick up screws When you spill screws, nails, brads or other small metal parts on a dusty shop floor, pick them up in seconds, minus the dust

Pick up loose screws & nails in seconds, minus the dust. Screw a pot magnet (at most home centers) on the end of a wood dowel to create your “picker-upper.”Place an inside-out sandwich bag over the magnet and start sweeping the area.

Drilling at an angle

Do you need to drill a hole at a specific angle? Then you can make a wooden drilling accessory with an edge at the same angle. Hold the drill against the angled edge, and then you can be sure you’re drilling at the right angle.

Les vis placées dans le bois peuvent se desserrer. Un problème facile à régler : lisez nos conseils de bricolage pour des solutions simples.

Get plugs from the wall can be a tricky job, especially if this far into the wall. On our job tips you read a simple solution to this problem.