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an image of a man standing next to a dinosaur
Godzillasaurus (Versão Jurassic Saga).
inspirado na Criatura do filme "Godzilla: Minus One", a qual é o próprio Godzilla antes de ser irradiado. #JurassicWorld #JurassicPark #Godzilla #Godzillasaurus #GodzillaMinusOne
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Na'vi - Basketball
a drawing of a man with blue hair and yellow eyes, wearing shades on his face
Male Recom Oc | By Exxorcius on Twitter
an image of godzilla action figures
Humanoid Sketch
a drawing of a dragon standing on one leg with its head turned to the side
So here is a little update to my boy Primal my tyrant lizard king oc the king of Isla Sorna I hope you all like it 😁👍 #jurassicpark… | Instagram