Tomáš Brázdil

Tomáš Brázdil

Tomáš Brázdil
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Aquaponics system from recycled 55 gal drums.

you could add some fish to your water reclamation tank for a small aquaponics system. Grow a few plants to feed the fish and this forms a closed system. There is no need to fertilize, the fish do it for you! Permaculture at its finest!

Gardens Lovers - Strawberry pots

Strawberry Pot--Designed for growing several strawberry plants at once. They can also be use to grow herbs, flowers or other plants.More container ideas included.

Oh, there's the suave seriousness. Actually didn't plan that. Really though, 99.9998% of the time Martin Freeman is totally cuddly and adorable.

I am obsessed with everything this man does. He's also by biggest celebrity crush (shhhh don't tell Tom. jk he already knows). So sexyyy!

The White Buffalo - Pin by Corb Motorcycles

Concert Photography - The White Buffalo at Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin