Who doesn't Love a Delicious Bowl of Homemade Soup? This board is a Collection of Amazing Soups, Stews, Chili and Chowders! Healthy Vegetable Soup, Chicken Noodle, Mexican, Beef Stew, Seafood Gumbo, Corn Chowder, Tasty Tomato, Creamy Potato, Easy Savory Chili and more! Slow Cooker, Crockpot, Instant Pot or Stove Top!
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a wooden spoon filled with vegetable orzo soup on top of a blue pot full of lemons and spinach
Vegan Orzo Soup
This vegan orzo soup recipe with lemon and spinach is completely addictive! Made with your choice of vegan chicken or chickpeas, in a savory broth with healthy spinach and a generous squeeze of lemon. It's easily made gluten-free too!
sausage tortellini soup with spinach in a bowl
Spicy Sausage Tortellini Soup
Warm up with a bowl of Spicy Sausage and Vegetable Tortellini Soup! It's loaded with spicy sausage, tender tortellini, and fresh vegetables for a hearty, flavorful meal. #TortelliniSoup #ComfortFood #HeartyMeals #SpicySausage
a bowl of cauliflower cheese soup with a spoon in it and garnished with parsley
Easy Cauliflower Cheese Soup
Savor this creamy, indulgent cauliflower cheese soup, perfect for cozying up on chilly days!
two bowls filled with soup on top of a white plate and topped with sour cream
Wholesome Zucchini Rice Soup
Unlock the secret to a delightful meal with our rich Zucchini Rice Soup recipe. Discover how to transform simple ingredients into a flavorful treat for yourself or your loved ones. Every spoonful promises an irresistible blend of wholesome zucchini and tasty rice cooked to perfection. A heartwarming recipe ideal for any time, any day.
chourico, sweet potato and spinach stew in a white bowl with text overlay
Portuguese chourico, sweet potatoes, and spinach come together with hearty barley to create a comforting and nutritious stew. #stew #chourico
a bowl filled with rice, meat and vegetables on top of a woven place mat
Delicious Latin Beef Stew (Carne Guisada) Recipe -
Delicious Latin Beef Stew (Carne Guisada) Recipe-2
a bowl of soup with lemons and dill on the side next to bread
Avgolemono Soup Recipe
Savor the vibrant flavors of Avgolemono Soup, a delightful Greek lemon chicken soup that's comforting and zesty.
creamy chicken poblano soup with roasted potato peppers and parmesan cheese in a bowl
Creamy Chicken Soup with Roasted Poblano Peppers
Warm up with our Creamy Chicken Poblano Soup! 🥣🌶️ This hearty and zesty soup is perfect for chilly days. Quick to make and filled with comforting flavors, it's sure to become a favorite. Try it out and let me know how you like it!
chicken tortilla soup in two bowls with limes and sour cream on top
The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe - The Girl Who Ate Everything
This Chicken Tortilla Soup is delicious and creamy! Get ready to lick your bowl. #soup #mexican
a blue and white bowl filled with soup on top of a table next to a sign that says coconut crab
Coconut Crab Soup
This crab soup is a creamy, savory brew of chilis, herbs, and citrus. Savory and subtly sweet, one sip will warm you up from head to toe!
chicken tortilla soup in a white bowl
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Easy Stovetop Recipe)
This easy chicken tortilla soup takes 15 minutes to prep and only 30 minutes to cook on the stove top. It's packed with simple & hearty ingredients like rotisserie chicken, beans, fragrant green chiles, fire-roasted tomatoes, and healthy vegetables all simmered in a flavorful broth that is bright & nourishing. Garnish with crushed tortilla chips and your favorite toppings for a quick comforting weeknight meal during the fall & winter months. (gluten-free, dairy-free & freezer-friendly)
a close up of a bowl of soup with lemon and dill garnish
Avgolemono Greek Lemon Chicken Soup
Savor the tangy delight of Avgolemono Soup, a creamy Greek Lemon Chicken Soup perfect for any season.
ham and bean soup in a bowl with spoons
Crockpot Ham and Bean Soup
Learn how to make a delicious and hearty crockpot ham and bean soup with this easy recipe. You'll dive into a bowl of homemade goodness with this perfect comfort food for a cozy night in. An easy slow cooker soup recipe and great use of leftover ham.
Avgolemono Soup
Experience the comforting flavors of Greece with this creamy and zesty Avgolemono Soup, featuring tender chicken and fresh lemon.