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Facade cladding made of expanded metal, wire mesh or spiral mesh - MARIANItech®

Façade cladding: expanded metal and wirmesh from MARIANItech® product line are the ideal solution for the exteriors of buildings, especially when used as a coating of facades.

Gallery of Sporthalle Kepler- und Humboldt-Gymnasium / h4a Architekten - 16

Image 16 of 27 from gallery of Sporthalle Kepler- und Humboldt-Gymnasium / Architekten. Photograph by Zooey Braun

Image 18 of 36 from gallery of 6 Eye-Catching Corten Steel Construction Details. Photograph by Cristián Barahona

Image 15 of 25 from gallery of Nestlé Social Block / GH+A Guillermo Hevia. Photograph by Cristián Barahona

Die großformatigen Lamellen sind an einem umlaufenden Fluchtbalkon befestigt

double skin facade perspective section ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Perforated metal architectural sunscreens

View perforated metal creations for OEMs manufacturing by Accurate Perforating.