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a cake decorated with flowers on top of a table
a cake decorated with flowers and a cross
Komunia Święta
a white cake with blue flowers and gold trimmings that says god has joseph
a white cake with pink roses on it and the words god's blessing written in frosting
Religious Cake
a cake shaped like a cross with flowers on it
a three tiered cake sitting on top of a wooden pallet in the grass
a cake decorated with flowers and the words god bliss kitchen on it's side
Holy Communion cake from Tag's. Fresh strawberry filling with whipped cream icing.
the cake is decorated with flowers and has a cross on it that says god loves karaba
Christening, first communion, baptism cakes & cookies in Northern NJ
a cake with white frosting and pink flowers on top, next to a sticker that says sweet cake
a cake with white frosting and flowers on it
Sweet Hearts Patisserie - French Macarons, Petit Fours & Wedding Cakes
an image of a crochet jesus made out of yarn and paper towel rolls
Cross Cupcakes
a cake in the shape of a cross with white frosting roses on it's sides
a cake decorated with pink roses on top of a white tablecloth that says god's blessing
2D Cross Cake