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an alcoholic drink on a tray with limes and oranges next to the bottle
Skinny Margarita Recipe
If you are looking for a skinny margarita recipe, click over to get this super simple skinny margarita recipe that you can customize to however you like it.
two glasses filled with different types of drinks next to a bottle and glass on a table
3 Patriotic Cocktails to Make with America's Native Spirit: Applejack
With Fourth of July upon us, let’s pay homage to America’s original spirit. Not bourbon, not even rum. Applejack. Specifically, Laird’s Applejack. ...
an orange drink sitting on top of a marble tray next to a cocktail shaker
11 Best Applejack Cocktails to Drink
Easy and Refreshing Paloma Cocktail
The Paloma is a simple yet delicious Mexican cocktail that has stood the test of time. Mix up a batch for your next happy hour or get-together. #Paloma #Cocktail #Tequila #Mexican #MexicanDrink