How to make diy Kinder surprise egg earphones holder. in this video tutorial i show how i customized surprise egg capsules into kawaii earphones holder and kawaii pill box.

These kawaii pineapple ear plug case are so cute, made out of kinder surprise toy thang

It's the simple things that bring such joy

It's the simple things that bring such joy. This will totally be happening at Chez Kresser.

13178722_1174074175936271_579259668959792105_n.jpg (236×237)

13178722_1174074175936271_579259668959792105_n.jpg (236×237)

Now this is true creative art, not the stuff that looks like you sneezed in a canvas (miniature calendar)

WISH I MADE two elements as one, clever art Tiny figurines interacting with everyday objects in interesting ways (By Miniature Calendar)

Nápady Na Vánoční Přáníčka - Yahoo Image Search Results

pleatedjeans:  Properly organized fox storage [x]

animal-factbook: “Fennec Foxes are highly social creatures with a rigid social hierarchy. When a pack of Fennec Foxes rest, they form what is often called a “Fennec Stack” with the alpha fox on the.

maybe now you will understand the weird cat memes...

These cat picks are killing me! So funny! And no offense to anyone who likes pin up girls but I really don't like them. However the fact that these cats are in poses like them is hilarious!