NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESS... Great craft for Thanksgiving time or learning about different cultures. Children can create their own feathers or use purchased ones. I would like them to add a string of beads attached.

Grinch Party Poppers from Creative Kid Snacks. For a Christmas party or as a snack or theme day when watching The Grinch movie. Made of sliced white string cheese, strawberry, sliced banana, green grape (bottom sliced off so it lays flat) melted chocolate

Totem Poles from paper towel tube

Grade: Totem Poles from paper towel tube. Use Nature of Arts non-toxic paint for kids for this fun project!

Bellenblazers maken

kokokoKIDS: BIG SUMMER POST String beads on wire for a bubble wand. then blow bubbles in WINTER and key them freeze.

Indiánské písmo

Indiánské písmo

motorické čtení - rozcvička před čtením i psaním

Ačkoli to na první pohled může vypadat neuvěřitelně, k dobrému psaní může…