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LA Sunrise - Tipsy Bartender

The LA Sunrise is a simple yellow rum cocktail that's just as refreshing as it is easy to make.Just combine vodka, creme de banana, light rum, pineapple juice, and orange juice, and then bang, you have a delicious vodka tropical drink ready to go.

This Sea Foam is an incredible Hpnotiq cocktail that perfectly blends coconut rum, Triple Sec, banana liqueur, and Mountain Dew.Seriously, if you want to try a super-tasty Hpnotiq coconut rum cocktail you need to check out this bad boy. Hpnotiq Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Drinks Alcohol, Beverages, Coconut Rum, Banana Cocktails, Food For The Gods, Rum Cream, Craft Cocktails

Sea Foam - Tipsy Bartender

This Sea Foam is an incredible Hpnotiq cocktail that perfectly blends coconut rum, Triple Sec, banana liqueur, and Mountain Dew.Seriously, if you want to try a super-tasty Hpnotiq coconut rum cocktail you need to check out this bad boy.

Rainbow in Paradise - Tipsy Bartender - Here we go people, a giant board of delicious summer cocktail recipes. Banana Cocktails, Strawberry Cocktails, Fruity Cocktails, Summer Cocktails, Summer Sangria, Summer Parties, Fruity Alcohol Drinks, Alcohol Drink Recipes, Sangria Recipes

Rainbow in Paradise - Tipsy Bartender

This Rainbow In Paradise is a gorgeous tropical fish bowl that's perfect as a summertime cocktail to share with friends.To make this incredible beachy mixed drink recipe, combine spiced rum, banana rum, coconut rum, strawberry vodka, overproof rum, blue curacao, orange juice, grenadine, and lemon lime soda, and then garnish with an orange slice and cherry for extra tropical fruity cocktail action.

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Rainbow Breeze - Tipsy Bartender

Here it is people, the Rainbow Breeze — one of the hottest (also coldest) slushy drinks out there.To make this cold layered cocktail dream, mix up grenadine, pineapple rum, banana rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, pineapple vodka, and blue curacao, and then garnish with a ton of different berries to maximize all that slushy fruity cocktail action.

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Pink Love - Tipsy Bartender

Ladies and gentlemen, this Pink Love cocktail is one of the most delicious dessert coconut rum cocktail recipes out there.This beautiful pink rum mixed drink calls for creme de banana, pineapple juice, coconut rum, raspberry purée, cream of coconut, and fresh raspberries, and is garnished with coconut shavings, whipped cream, and raspberries for some extra sweet fruity dessert drink deliciousness.

Nilla Wafer Infused Vodka - Tipsy Bartender - New Ideas Banana Cocktails, Cocktail Desserts, Vodka Cocktails, Cocktail Recipes, Alcoholic Beverages, Jolly Rancher Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Tipsy Bartender

Nilla Wafer Infused Vodka - Tipsy Bartender

NILLA WAFER INFUSED VODKA Nilla Wafers Vanilla Vodka Vodka Agave Vanilla Extract Banana PREPARATION 1. Place Nilla Wafer cookies in a jar and fill with vanilla vodka and vodka. 2. Muddle to break up the cookies and add Agave, vanilla extract, and a banana. Muddle and shake again. 3. Allow the mix to sit overnight and strain into shot glass. Top with whipped cream. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Not Your Mama's Old Fashioned - Tipsy Bartender Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe, Banana Cocktails, Bitter Lemon, Tipsy Bartender, Bourbon Whiskey, Simple Syrup, Cocktail Recipes, Alcoholic Drinks, Tasty

Not Your Mama's Old Fashioned - Tipsy Bartender

The Not Your Mama's Old Fashioned is a bomb-ass twist on the classic old fashioned cocktail recipe, trust us.This bourbon mixology cocktail combines banana infused Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, spiced syrup, angostura bitters, orange spice root bitters, and grated nutmeg, and is honestly one of the tastiest complex mixology drink recipes out there.

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French Toast Martini - Tipsy Bartender

FRENCH TOAST MARTINI 1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps 1 Part Cinnamon Schnapps 1 Part Irish Cream Rim: Brown Sugar Garnish: Roasted Bananas Skewer PREPARATION 1. Sprinkle brown sugar on banana slices and use a torch or lighter to roast them carefully. 2. Rim edge of martini glass with brown sugar. Set aside. 3. In an ice filled glass, combine butterscotch schnapps, cinnamon schnapps and irish cream. Shake well. 4. Garnish with a roasted banana skewer. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Bazooka Joe Shooters are the layered shot that could only be dreamed into existence by a bartender. These shots are creamy and fruity all at once, making use of Irish Cream, creme de banana, and blue curacao. Fruity Shots, Easy Shot Recipes, Birthday Cake Shots, Birthday Drinks, Layered Shots, Cotton Candy Grapes, Bar Shots, Shooter Recipes, Coctails Recipes

Bazooka Joe Shooters - Tipsy Bartender

Layered shots don't get much more beautiful than these Bazooka Joe Shooters.To make these little layered shooters, just mix up Irish cream, creme de banana, and blue curacao, and bang, you have some super-tasty banana mixed drinks.

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Sex On My Face - Tipsy Bartender

SEX ON MY FACE 1/2 oz. (15ml) Crown Royal 1/2 oz. (15ml) Coconut Rum 1/2 oz. (15ml) Southern Comfort 1/2 oz. (15ml) Banana Liqueur Splash Cranberry Juice Splash Orange Juice Splash Pineapple Juice Garnish: Orange Slices, Raspberries PREPARATION 1. Fill a collins glass with ice, suspending orange slices and raspberries throughout. 2. Pour in Crown royal, coconut rum, southern comfort, and banana liqueur. 3. Top with cranberry juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice. 4. Garnish with a…

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Tropical Thunder - Tipsy Bartender

TROPICAL THUNDER 1 oz. (30ml) Rum 1 oz. (30ml) Banana Schnapps 1 oz. (30ml) Island Punch Pucker 1 oz. (30ml) Pineapple Juice 2 oz. (60ml) Piña Colada Mix 1/2 oz. (15ml) Cream of Coconut Scoop of Cool Whip 1/2 Banana Garnish: Whipped Cream, Cherry, banana slice PREPARATION: 1. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 2. Pour mix into a glass and top with whipped cream. 3. Garnish with a cherry. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

The Strawberry Blonde - Tipsy Bartender Strawberry Cocktails, Bartender Recipes, Tipsy Bartender, Alcholic Drinks, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Banana Coconut, Coconut Rum, Cocktail Recipes

The Strawberry Blonde - Tipsy Bartender

THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE 1 oz. (30ml) Coconut Rum 1 oz. (30ml) Strawberry Rum 1 oz. (30ml) Strawberry Liqueur 1 oz. (30ml) Creme de Banana 2 oz. (60ml) Pineapple Juice 1 oz. (30ml) Half & Half PREPARATION 1. In a shaker with ice, combine coconut rum, strawberry rum, strawberry liqueur, creme de banana, pineapple juice, and half & half. Shake well. 2. Strain mix into serving glass over ice and top with whipped cream, strawberry, banana slice, and strawberry syrup. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

The Motorcade Shots - Tipsy Bartender Fruit Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Banana Cocktails, Everclear, Hawaiian Punch, Jungle Juice, Peach Schnapps, Tipsy Bartender, Pink Lemonade

The Motorcade Shots - Tipsy Bartender

Here we go people, time to try out these Motorcade Shots!These wild Peach Schnapps shooters combine creme de banana, Everclear, pink lemonade, Hawaiian Punch, pineapple juice, and a few other delicious ingredients, and are guaranteed to blow everybody away ’cause they’re literally on fire.

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Chunky Monkey - Tipsy Bartender

If you're in the mood for a little banana buzz, you need to try this Chunky Monkey cocktail.This rum-based mixed drink combines creme de banana, white creme de cacao, amaretto, cream of coconut, half and half, and banana for a dessert cocktail that’s sweet, smooth, and full of potassium. Garnish with whipped cream, banana slices, cherry, and chocolate shavings if you want to basically turn this drink into a little boozy sundae.

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Hollaback Girl - Tipsy Bartender

HOLLABACK GIRL 1 oz. (30ml) Black Cow Vodka ¾ oz. (22ml) Black Spiced Rum ½ oz. (15ml) Brown Sugar Syrup (2:1) ¼ oz. (7ml) Lemon Juice Banana Foam: 3 oz. (90ml) Banana Liqueur ½ oz. (15ml) Lime Juice 3 eggs Garnish: Bruléed Banana Slices PREPARATION 1. Combine banana liqueur, lime juice, and eggs in a whipper and charge with nitrogen. Set aside. 2. Combine vodka, spiced rum, brown sugar syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake well. 3. Strain mix into serving glass and top with…

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Cunning Monkey - Tipsy Bartender

CUNNING MONKEY 1 1/4 oz. (37.5ml) Aged Rum 1 oz. (30ml) Banana Liqueur 3/4 oz. (22.5ml) Pineapple Syrup 1/2 oz. (15ml) Falernum Garnish: Caramelized Banana PREPARATION 1. To an ice filled shaking glass add rum, banana liqueur, pineapple syrup and falernum. Shake well to combine and chill. 2. Strain mix into glass. 3. Coat the top of a banana slice with brown sugar and heat with a torch until golden. 4. Garnish drink with banana slice and serve. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!