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Travelling in Czech Republic

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Great places to visit in CZ, where we took our Tiny Expats to.

A weekend in a fairytale village in Northern Moravia, CZ

Escaping to a fairytale countryside - Northern Moravia

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Top websites for expats in Czech Republic

Here're the most useful resources for expats living in Czech Republic - from info sites, to blogs, to directories. Find all you need to know to enjoy life in CZ!

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Prague Zoo with tiny expats

Prague Zoo - an amazing place for kids!

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Toy Museum in Prague

Toy Museum in Prague - a wonderful place to take your kids to!

Going by train to Prague with tiny expats

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Weeks before relocation – revisiting all the favourite places

Before yet another relocation (this time to UK), we are revisiting our favourite places around Pardubice, CZ, a town, which was our home for a year.

Escaping to Špindlerův Mlýn

Mountain retreat - Spindleruv Mlyn

Photos from a day trip to Prague

Some photos from our recent day trip to Prague - loved it!

Going to a farm near Pardubice

Taking TinyExpats to a farm near Pardubice

Dragons and knights at Kunětická hora

Dragons and knights at castle Kuneticka Hora