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Relocation to UK

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CZ-UK relocation complete! Settling in.

It's official - after about half a year of planning/waiting/organising/sulking/stressing we finally relocated from CZ to UK! From Pardubice to Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, to be more precise. Here...

December madness – moving, holidays, braving a storm

December just started and I already feel tired! I missed my usual posts about the blogs I liked during the month and about my plans for Tiny Expats for December, but that is because the last few da...

Expat House Hunting in UK

Are you planning a relocation to UK? Check out our house hunting experience on!

Language of expat friends

Language of expat friends - what makes kids such amazing learners, is that they're not worried about making mistakes, when talking to friends.

Pet relocation – to be or not to be?

Pet relocation - how easy do you think it is to relocate a fish, a hamster and a snail? Relocation to UK continued on

Kindergarten finished – now what?

Last days in the CZ kindergarten came and went and now we're planning the next steps. Follow our relocation to UK on!

Next stage of our move to UK – 1 gone, 3 to go

The move has started!

Reaching the first milestone – last days of kindergarten

Last days in a kindergarten in CZ - saying goodbye to friends and preparing ourselves for the fact that our daughter will go to school this year!

moving to UK!

Follow TinyExpats' journey from CZ to UK!