Pardubice, CZ

Have a look at the town, where we lived for the last year.
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Our TinyExpats just love feeding the peacocks in the local castle.

Love Pardubice's old town - so much character!

One of our favourite places for walking - along the river Labe (Elbe)

Walk around Pardubice city centre - it's been revamped recently, but here's how it looked during the renovations

Walking around Pardubice on a beautiful sunny day.

The main square looks even prettier when Christmas lights're up.

Every November Pardubice hosts a lantern festival - lots of fun for the kids!

Apolenka - a mini zoo for kids and a horse rehabilitation nearby Pardubice, CZ

Join us on a walk around Park na Špici in Pardubice, CZ. Catching the last days of Indian Summer!

Photos we took in a beautiful park near Pardubicky Zamek | Tiny Expats

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