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a house with a swimming pool and lounge chairs in front of it at night time
the aisle is lined with flowers and candles in front of an ornate stained glass window
The Royal Romance Book 3 Chapter 19
an empty church with pews and red carpet
Church (Anime Background)
Church (Anime Background)
the city is lit up at night with stars in the sky and trees around it
a waterfall in the middle of a forest at night
1) The outfit is nice 2) There's legit nothing interesting in this chapter than the overwhelming signals that Steve is a fUCKING ROBOT OMG IT COULDN'T BE CLEARER. 3) what the fuck is wrong with Pixelberry and their car crash kink this week??? Should we add them to their office kink??? {#perfectmatch #playchoices #pixelberry #pixelberrystudio #choicesgame #choicesstoriesyouplay #choices #mc #androidsteve #nadia }
the stairs are lit up with lights on them