Tigra Bubastis

Tigra Bubastis

Tigra Bubastis
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Toshijiro (Nenjiro) Inagaki 1902-1963

Tiger by Toshijiro (Nenjiro) Inagaki Toshijiro Inagaki graduated in 1922 from the Kyoto City School of Fina Arts and Crafts. He became a famous designer for expensive kimono patterns.

Alec Lightwood

☯ i think marcellus is the most developed character i have, and although nothing is perfect, i am very proud of the direction he has gone in ☯

"Cat Which is Listening to Bach" by Goncharova Katherina.

Goncharova Katherina, Cat which is listening to Bach. This lady has pinned lots of good kitties and other nice things to explore.