Somatic Exercises | Relaxing Hip Openers #somaticexercisesforhips #HipFlexors
Somatic Exercises | Relaxing Hip Openers #somaticexercisesforhips Feeling like a relaxing hip opener? Try these with me. Do this routine 3x/week. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds each, or until you feel the tension melt. • Deep Squat + Twist, Elevated Butterfly • Reclined Half Happy Baby • Happy Baby • Deep Breathing #HipHealth, #SomaticExercises, #HipMobility, #HipOpeners, #Flexibility #MindfulMovement, #HolisticHealth, #BodyAwareness, #WellnessJourney , #HipFlexors
an exercise poster with the words ab and 30 - day challenge
Glutes and Core Workout
Do this once a day ( Check out link in bio for effective Pre workout and weight loss supplement )
an exercise poster with instructions to do the same exercises for each person in their life
Best exercises for glutes women
🍑🍑EASY GLUTES EXERCISES🍑🍑 You can do this workout at home or gym! You only need a pair of dumbbells! Remember that small steps every day will get you closer to your goals. Be consistent and don’t give up. Instead of saying, “I have to workout”, say “I get to move my body today”. . cc: @heidy.espaillat
Guy on the back ground is getting the “killer” workout!! 🤣
a poster showing how to do the celjute workout for men and women
Cellulite Workout