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Coffee set :)

A range of coffee styles to suit all tastes, your staff will love a coffee machine that gives the choice from espresso to latte


Coffee is one of the most common drinks along with tea, which people consume on a daily basis. It is an addiction for many others, since the caffeine present in it can kill anxiety, and reduce the tension.


My favorite animal: Giraffes. A new born giraffe is surrounded by its family. The photograph was taken at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa, just 45 minutes after the mother gave birth Picture: BRENDON JENNINGS / CATERS NEWS

Giddy up!!

Unlikely Animal Friendships Photogallery. A baby monkey, a lion cub and tiger cubs play at the Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, May Picture taken May Unlikely Animal Friendships Photogallery at Times of India