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a person holding up a pair of binoculars with the words virtual biomes in front of them
Virtual Biomes
360 Virtual Reality Biomes | Ask A Biologist
there are two cookies that look like pigs in the sand with googly eyes on them
pearls of wisdom - Kim Byers
10 fun school snacks. Shell cookies, pink frosting, and a yogurt-covered raisin for the pearl make a fun sea-themed treat!
easy fish jell o cups for kids to make
Easy Fish Jello Cups
there are chocolate covered desserts on the plate
Polar Bear Paw Marshmallows!: Holiday Desserts
Polar bear paw marshmallow treats from Smart School House are so adorable! They are really easy to make and are a fun treat for kids! Make them for a holiday party or just as a winter treat! Your kids will love this easy and fun dessert recipe during the Christmas season.
a cardboard jungle scene with animals, plants and flowers on the bottom part of it
a giraffe standing on top of a colorful rug
African Sunset Shadow Tracing Art - Taming Little Monsters
African Sunset Shadow Tracing Art - Taming Little Monsters
the north american wildlife worksheet for kids to learn how to draw and color
Grasslands Animals Finger puppets | Worksheet | Education.com
a bulletin board with food chains attached to it and some sticky notes on the wall
Have the students actually make a Holiday chain to glue their food chain to! | Fourth grade science, 4th grade science, Elementary science
two envelopes sitting on top of a wooden table next to colored pencils
Forest Food Pyramid Project | Science project | Education.com
four pictures of different animals made out of paper
Food Chain Art
Food Chain Art by Rachel Petrucelli
A free colouring activity with 6 of the main biomes of the world to colour and circle the pollution that needs to be removed to keep the world healthy. Useful kids resource for World Clean Up Day and environmental studies. Colouring Pages, Earth Science Activities, Ecosystem Activities, Environmental Activities, Planet Coloring Pages, Color Activities
Biomes colouring activity
A free, printable "Biomes colouring activity" useful for World Clean Up Day & environmental studies. Colour & identify pollution in each biome. This free kids education resource includes further extension activities on the original blog post. Designed by Planet Designs Kids @ planetdesigns.net