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Whether you are showing, owning, or just riding, life with ponies is never a dull experience. Find here all things pertaining to life with ponies. #pony…
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an article in the horse and rider magazine
It Happens! Pony Issue Edition
We all make mistakes. But as horse people, as a group, aren't always the best at handling them. So TPH reached out to some top riders to share their own show ring bloopers to prove, once and for all, that mistakes really do happen to the best of us!
an article about horses and their owners
6 Under 6
Meet a half-dozen young ponies who qualified for Pony Finals in 2022—The beginning of many an equestrian's story starts with a pony. Ponies provide timeless learning experiences, no matter their age. Oftentimes it's young riders who pilot these petite equine athletes, and sometimes the ponies are in the first decade of their careers themselves.
the four types of moms at pony final's are featured in this poster
The Four Types of Pony Moms at Pony Finals - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Pony moms can sometimes have a reputation at horse shows, but we wanted to share what we love about our pony moms. Every pony mom is awesome in their own way, and they love to support their kids at what they love to do the most: ride their ponies!
there are two pictures with the words through the lens, and one has a horse on it
Pony Finals Candids - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Pony Finals brings together ponies from all over the country. Take a look at the prestigious event through the lens. #ponyfinals #throughthelens #theplaidhorse
a man standing next to a brown horse with a boy on it's back
An Ode to the Horse Show Dad - The Plaid Horse Magazine
What would we do without the horse show dad? Dads, here is how we want to thank you for all you do for your kids in supporting what many call "just a phase" (It's not, we assure you.)
the cover of how to navigate pony finals by adam milli, featuring horses and riders
Road Map to Pony Finals - The Plaid Horse Magazine
When attending Pony Finals, it’s easy to get lost attending for the first time. Read to make sure you know where to go and what to watch. #ponyfinals #roadmap #theplaidhorse
the cover of pony mom 101, featuring an equestrian's legs and boots on top of a horse
Pony Mom 101 - Equitation Basics Explained - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Equitation is known as a good, secure position, and it’s the single most important thing your child will learn. This article is an in-depth look into the world of Horse showing for new moms. The equestrian show world is a huge one- it's best to be prepared!
two miniature horses standing next to each other in the snow with text overlay that reads as emotionally support animals
Miniature Horses as Emotional Support Animals - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Normally, the most commonly seen animal-assisted therapy are cats and dogs. However, there’s a new animal on the block that’s turning heads and it’s cute as a button. One of the newest options as an ESA is the gorgeous miniature horse, which to some may seem a little strange. But these mini-ponies make some of the best therapy animals around. Read on to hear more about the amazing reasons that miniature horses make the best emotional support animals! #minihorses #anxietysupport
a woman leading a horse with the caption why it's never the pony's fault
Why it's Never The Pony's Fault
If a horse doesn't follow through on a command, do you immediately consider it a "refusal" or possibly a mixed signal from the rider? Shockingly, the majority would assume it was refusal. In this article, we talk about shifting the mindset and holding yourself accountable in and out of the ring. No matter your expertise level, we could all stand a lesson in accountability.
a person riding on the back of a brown horse with text overlay that reads, 7 types of ponies at pony trials
The 7 Types of Ponies You Meet at Pony Finals - The Plaid Horse Magazine
The bold and the beautiful.. no this isn't about the television show. But it is about the show ring. From oldies to saucy mares, you can find a little bit of everything at the pony finals.
a horse and rider jumping over an obstacle with the text inside the numbers the cost of pony finals
Inside the Numbers: How Much Does Pony Finals Cost? - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Little horses, big money! Showing at the Pony Finals is a dream many young equestrians hope to achieve. But what is the real cost? In this article, the general costs have all been broken down by 2019 Pony Finalist to give riders an idea what the total price of showing at the Pony Finals will be.
two horses running in a field with the words never too young to give
Never Too Young to Give: A Six-Year-Old Gives Up Gifts for Rescued Horses - The Plaid Horse Magazine
A little girl with a heart for giving decided against getting presents for her birthday. Read about how she raised money for a horse rescue.
a man standing next to a brown horse with a boy on it's back
An Ode to the Horse Show Dad - The Plaid Horse Magazine
What would we do without the horse show dad? Dads, here is how we want to thank you for all you do for your kids in supporting what many call "just a phase" (It's not, we assure you.)
a horse and rider jumping over a wooden fence with the words show me the green
Pony Finals: Show Me The Green - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Showing a green pony can be very different from the veterans. Especially when it comes to their first trip around the Walnut Ring. Read about how to handle your nerves and your green pony at Pony Finals. #greenpony #ponyfinals #theplaidhorse
a person riding on the back of a white horse in an equestrian show with text overlay reading 6 tips on matching pony buyers and sellers
Six Tips to Successfully Matching Pony Buyers and Sellers - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Buying a pony is an important purchase and there are important factors to consider. Learn from the professionals about tips on how they match pony buyers and sellers. #ponyshopping #fromthepros #theplaidhorse