Fern frond heart ... for Valentine's Day

This amazing plant picture is called a Fern Fiddlehead. Part of the development process of Ferns! Little bit of nature love for valentines day.

Nepenthes jamban (pitcher plant, also called the toilet bowl plant)

Nepenthes jamban, a type of tropical pitcher plant - "jamban" is the Indonesian word for "toilet"and refers to the shape of the pitchers (Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers)

Water lily 'Victoria'

Royal Botanic Gardens, London - This is the largest of the Nymphaeaceae family of water lilies. It would be unbelievable to see the other things in this facility.

Albino Redwood (We don't normally see albino plants, because they can't photosynthesize without any pigment. In this case, the albino sprout has grown among the roots of a larger redwood, and is sustained by it.)

An 'albino' redwood is a redwood tree which is unable to produce chlorophyll, and so has white needles instead of the normal green. In order to survive it must join its roots to a normal redwood from which it obtains nutrition as a parasite.