Companion Planting Chart : find your crop in the left column then look to find good companions and bad companions. (Link is bad, but chart is readable)

Homemade vertical wall for veggies

A Space Saving Vertical Salad Garden

Veggies in pots

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots

How to grow vegetables in pots. "All you need is a generous-size container, good potting soil, and a suitable spot ― a patio, deck, or corner that gets at least six hours of full sun a day.

save sprouted onions

What to do with sprouted onions? Put them in a jar with a bit of water in sunlight and enjoy green onions thru the Spring!

Rocket rooftop

Kiddie Pool rooftop gardening paint tubs, line outside with bricks. instant raised garden section, without danger of grass getting into your beds.

Tomato tips

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Cutting leaves off tomato plants? Helpful hints in the com box. Such as, spray with epsom salts to 1 quart water to help increase fruit set.

Artichoke success

I grow artichokes simply as an annual plant. they are incredibly beautiful.

Tomato growing tips from Organic Gardening Magazine via Ezra's Organics in Portland.

Secrets to Tomato-Growing Success 10 simple tips for your best tomatoes ever. 10 simple tips for your best tomatoes ever.

Blueberries are beautiful. Oh, and they taste good, too.

Vern Nelson: Resolve to add more blueberries

Goumi is an unusual fruit that grows down to Zone 3.

Northwest gardeners develop a taste for home-grown fruit that branches out beyond the ordinary

'Sweet Scarlet' goumi (Elaeagnus multiflora) grows about 6 feet high and wide. It produces pretty well alone, but you'll love this fruit, so plant another variety, such as 'Red Gem,' for larger crops. (Goumis are only partially self-fertile.

Still life of endive.

Vern Nelson: Self-seeding vegetables

Grafted tomatoes

Grafted tomatoes grab attention with improved vigor, production and disease resistance

The grafted version of the Mighty Matos on the right certainly looks more interesting.

Use to an aquaponics system to grow any leafy greens, herbs and other crops, says David Landkamer, an aquaculture specialist with the Oregon State University Sea Grant Extension program.

Fish waste to food with aquaponics: Gardening basics

10 tips for growing amazing sweet potatoes

10 tips to growing sweet potatoes: Get the soil hot

A sea of herbs

Herbs keep growing in popularity: Here's a bouquet of useful information on them