Anish Patel
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this is some concept art for a Daredevil video game. The Daredevil character is the main feature of this piece, with a mysterious, futuristic city backdrop, shrouded in mist and fog, producing a sinister and dark feeling for this work.

stargazing/natural wakeup

Skylight through the tin roof.oh man! Above bed oversized skylight- I would love looking up at the stars every night and the rain/thunderstorms would be amazing. add a remote-controlled shade for morning and it would be perfect.

these!    back dimples

Dimples of Venus, also known as back dimples or butt dimples, are the two dimples that appear at the lower back of the human body, right above the butt.

bacon candle

Haha this would be funny as a gift - DIY Bacon Candle - have the smell of bacon any time. (Instead of drilling a hole for a wick, tape a wick in the center of the jar before pouring the bacon grease in.


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