Shep’s Birthday Theme Ideas

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four children's wooden puzzles in different shapes and sizes, including one with a jar
a cake with bugs on it sitting on top of a silver plate next to green and white napkins
6 Adorable Animal Birthday Cake Ideas | Wilton
three small stuffed animals sitting next to each other
12 Pc 5" Stuffed Bugs with Card
o ADORABLE STUFFED BUGS: Encourage a bug-friendly attitude with these cute little stuffed bugs that will bring a buzz of brightness to any event. o WHAT'S INCLUDED: This set includes 12 stuffed bugs, including ladybugs, caterpillars and bumble bees. Each plush bug has a stylish "To/From" tag attached, turning these plush toys into easy and fun gifts. o GREAT FOR KIDS: Introduce kids to the critters of nature with these adorable plush bugs. Plushies are a popular toy for girls and boys, and the
a blue birthday cake with lit candles on it
"Extravagant Birthday Cake With Vintage Style Buttercream Piping" by Stocksy Contributor "Ruth Black"