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a book a day keeps reality away sticker on a wooden door that says, a book a day keeps reality away
a black and white poster with the words if you are neutral in situation of justice, you have chosen the side of the oppressed
What You Can Do to Combat Racism
a piece of paper with black and white type on it that says, je t'aime je tamme je tame je teme je etame je time je time je taime
a receipt with the words do y'all have iced coffee? written on it
ICED COFFEE by @kellyeduckworth on instagram ☕️💖
a dollar bill with the words women belong in all places where decision are being made
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there is a white bird flying in the sky
Spread These 10 Quotes To Help Make It A Peaceful World - LifeHack
a peace sign with words written in black ink on a white background that says, people imagine all the power to over a town
Imagine Peace by MartyOfLungbarrow on DeviantArt
someone is sitting on the floor with their feet up and writing on the wall behind them
there is a sign that says teach peace on the wall
10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (38) - LifeHack