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Car companies displayed an array of new gadgets and gizmos at the L.A. Auto Show.

Connected Cars / CES - 2015: Carplay integrates iOS apps like Phone, Messages, Maps, and Music into the car's built-in dashboard display. Drivers and passengers can control their iPhone 5s, 5c, and 5 units by touching the CarPlay interface itself or calling out commands to Siri...


It's been a while since we've heard much substantial about Apple's CarPlay system, but the company broke that silence today with an updated page that confirmed the support of nine brands (many of them

Connected Cars / CES 2015 - While Apple and Google are focusing on the in-car app and smartphone experience, Alibaba is coming at it from a much larger focus: predictive analytics and cloud computing.

Move Aside Apple and Google, Alibaba is Entering the Connected Car Space

Alibaba’s name conjures images of an Arabian night and a kind, smart person who helped people in his village prosper. The Alibaba of our world is opening doors (Open Sesame) to small- and medium-sized enterprises across the globe in a manner no one ever dreamed of. However, Alibaba of the [...]

Connected Cars / CES 2015 - The sensor-filled BMW i3 car, which will be on display at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas in January, integrates with smartwatch and can essentially self-park. According to the company, a driver could activate the "Remote Valet Parking Assistant" via an app, which then guides the vehicle to a parking spot all by itself.
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BMW is developing a car that can be parked via smartwatch

At CES in January, BMW is demonstrating a remote-control valet parking system, which can be operated by using a smartwatch.

Connected Cars / CES 2015 - Deep Learning Hits the Road. What comes out of the supercomputer is a trained deep neural network. A pair of X1s in NVIDIA DRIVE PX can classify up to 75 objects at the same time, enabling it to understand the environment around the car. When an unknown object is identified, the data center gets alerted, and it works to  figure out what the object is through deep learning...

Live: NVIDIA’s CES Press Event | The Official NVIDIA Blog

That’s it. Show’s over. For more on what we’re doing at CES this year, visit Surround Vision 9:37 PM – After your car can find a space in a lot it’s never been in before, your phone, Jen-Hsun, said could be used to summon the car again. Jen-Hsun wraps things up by saying we announced three Read article >

Connected Cars / CES 2015 - Cars aren’t just connecting to the internet; they’re connecting to everything.We’re starting to see the automobile take its place among the internet of things, connecting not just to smartphones, but also wearables, the smart home and even the roads and vehicles around them...

Cars aren’t just connecting to the internet; they’re connecting to everything

As in previous years, we’re seeing a lot of car connectivity news at the Consumer Electronics Showcase, but an interesting theme is…

Connected Cars / Home Automation: When you leave your house in your Automatic-equipped vehicle, the driving monitor can contact the Nest thermostat, putting the home into "away" mode to save energy on heating and cooling. When the car returns home, the Nest also returns to its default state and your preferred temperature... The connected car meets the connected home.

The connected car meets the connected home at CES 2015 - Roadshow

The Automatic smart driving monitor is teaming up with the Nest smart thermostat so your home is just the right temperature when you pull into your driveway.

Connected Cars at CES 2015:  Audi, Mercedes-Benz and VW all showed demos of automated car technology, from driverless or “piloted” cars, to smartwatch apps...

Watch 'Connected Cars' Take Center Stage at CES

James Bond might be envious

2015 Detroit Auto Show - Connected Cars: Engineers and designers may be feeling a tad insecure as they head to Detroit for the 2015 North American International Auto Show, as it’s the software developers who are set to steal the spotlight at one of the most important industry events of the year. Connected-car technology — everything from touchscreen dashboards to cars that can park themselves — will be on display in Detroit...

Technology to steal the spotlight at this year's North American International Auto Show

No one vehicle is likely to be the star attraction when this year’s event opens to the press on Monday. Instead, the 50 or so automakers will be vying to outdo…

Connected Cars: Hyundai’s Genesis luxury sedan can unlock and start with a tap on a smartwatch. Audi autopiloted one of its sedans more than 500 miles from Palo Alto to Las Vegas for the show. BMW says it’s one to two years away from selling self-parking cars with dashboards controlled by hand gestures...

Putting the Mobile Into Automobile

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, Web-connected cars are the big event

Connected Cars / CarPlay and Android Auto - Parrot RNB 6 car system:  This ambitious auto entertainment system is compatible with Apple and Google's car systems ...

Parrot RNB 6 car system loves CarPlay and Android Auto

CNET’s coverage of CES 2015: ambitious auto entertainment system is compatible with Apple and Google's car systems. We take a lo...

Connected Cars: Android Auto Soon to Hit the Streets / Android Auto features seamlessly migrate from handheld device to car interface for a safe driving experience ...

Android Auto Soon to Hit the Streets

Android Auto features seamlessly migrate from handheld device to car interface for a safe driving experience. Andrew Brenner from Android Auto at Google mee...

Connected cars: Qualcomm Technologies and QNX are showcasing the future of automotive technologies. Together, the two companies have reimagined the entire display system of a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte technology concept car to demonstrate the next generation of connected infotainment and safety features...

CES 2015: QNX and Qualcomm Concept Car Maserati

This year at CES, Qualcomm® Technologies and QNX® are showcasing the future of automotive technologies. Together, the two companies have reimagined the entir...

QNX has provided software to carmakers for several decades, but after BlackBerry acquired it in 2010, it also ended up serving as the heart of the BB10 operating system. Now, QNX once again seems to be focusing more on cars. If BlackBerry can't manage to claw its way back into mobile relevance, don't be surprised if it ends up focusing more on connected cars in the future...

Buckle up: The connected-car revolution is almost here

Soon, you won't need to buy a Tesla to get a car that's as well-connected and technologically advanced as your smartphone. This year at CES, it was clear that we've finally reached a point where a plethora of connected cars will soon be ready for the road. That's a huge step up from past shows, where it always seemed like we were just previewing whiz-bang, futuristic car tech from afar. (CES being CES, there was still lots of that.) Expect advanced dashboards; built-in LTE; revamped…

Cloud Computing Can Make Any Old Beater a Connected Car

Cloud Computing Can Make Any Old Beater a Connected Car

It's powering Delphi's efforts to offer aftermarket connected car systems.