Pour carnaval : masque avec assiette en carton

Make our own Mardi Gras masks next year, Luke has a whole year to get ready to be crafty!

Make your own ring toss game!

Circus Games for Kids: Ring Toss

Make your own ring toss game! From about months, we expect your child to be able to run. Perhaps you can encourage your child to pick up the ring and run to the pole as part of a 'race' and see who wins the circus competition!

Another activity for kids! Would probably need safety scissors at tables though...

Find free Mardi Gras mask templates you can print at home in a snap. A great selection of Mardi Gras mask templates for male or female, young or old.

Re-CoveredTreasures Blog (www.re-coveredtreasures.com): Mardi Gras Masks

I found a pattern for a simple Mardi Gras mask online (I can't remember where - sorry! It was just a basic/simple shape.