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starburst letters using lines, shapes and colors to create art
Art Lesson • Op Art Using Positive & Negative Shapes • Step by Step Drawing
Art-Lesson-Op-Art-Using-Positive-Negative-Shapes-1356295 Teaching Resources -
an abstract piece of art made out of squares
Partition 3 (2 of 3), 110 x 80 x 2cm, Christiane Feser
the different patterns used in this project are drawn by hand and placed on top of each other
Accueil - Fred de la compta
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two - in - one diy pattern blocks for toddlers to play with and learn how to make them
DIY Pattern Building Blocks: An Awesome STEM Activity for Kids! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
DIY Pattern Building Blocks: An Awesome STEM Activity for Kids. Explore lines, shapes, and patterns by building with the blocks. Fun for any age - even big kids and parents!
several different shapes and sizes of wooden blocks
Naef Ornabo Wooden Puzzle Geometric Shapes
Naef Ornabo Wooden Toy Puzzle Geometric Shapes - great shapes to play with for quilt designs.....
an abstract painting with many lines and dots in the center, all connected together to one another
Kunma by Arthur Tjatitjarra Robertson | Short Street Gallery
Kunma by Arthur Tjatitjarra Robertson 152.4cm x 101cm
a large poster with many different types of lines and shapes on it's sides
patterns for stencil
a living room with a couch and rugs on the floor next to a wall
DesignTrade + Interiors Trends For Fall/Winter 2014 — decor8
Ferm Living
a woman doing yoga with the words 4 minute yoga flow for sore, tight and bad backs
Low Back Yoga Stretches
Back problems? Try this quick yoga flow sequence for the beginner or the advanced to find relief in your spine. Pin for later!