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Discovery of bark beetle in Bothell is ‘concerning,' state says
Discovery of bark beetle in Bothell is ‘concerning,' state says
two people standing on top of a hill watching a volcano erupte lava from the ground
Why a new volcano appeared in La Palma
an image of the inside of a volcano that looks like it has been cut open
Ten ways to get the most out of ArcGIS Living Atlas
a young boy standing in front of a science fair display with his hands on his hips
Archimedes’ death ray might have worked, teen science project suggests | CNN
a close up of a fish in the water with green algae around it's edges
This Tiny Fish Can Make Sounds That Rival an Airplane or an Elephant—Now, Scientists Know How
a large rock with water coming out of it
Newly discovered ancient tree species looks like it could be from the mind of Dr. Seuss | CNN
a woman is doing exercises on an exercise bike while another stands near her in the background
OpenCap - Musculoskeletal forces from smartphone videos.
several people are standing near the water and looking at something on the ground in the grass
Native Calif. species released in the wild for first time in 75 years
a stone block with an animal carving on it
Ancient bricks baked when Nebuchadnezzar II was king absorbed a power surge in Earth’s magnetic field | CNN
an image of a painting of a family in the living room with one baby being held up by two adults
How Far Back Were Africans Inoculating Against Smallpox? Really Far Back.
a black background with multicolored squares and rectangles on the bottom right corner
Asbads (windmill) of Iran - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
an aerial view of the mountains and trees
Hopes for rebuilding giant Arecibo telescope appear dead
a small lizard sitting on top of a brown surface
OU professor helps discover, describe new species of gecko in Puerto Rico - 2022 - College of Arts and Sciences - News - OU Magazine
a man holding up a fish in a boat
Prehistoric fish may spawn in Georgia: 1st time in 50 years
the night sky is filled with star trails and stars in the sky over water, rocks and
How to spot the 2022 Perseid meteor shower that will peak on Saturday
a large machine with some plants growing out of it's sides and the sky in the background
Roasting green chillies in the sun could pave way for solar cooking
two people are laying down on the ground in front of some rocks and dirt with pink tape stuck to them
Mammoth bones and 'ghost' footprints add to heated debate about first humans in North America
a man sitting at a table using a laptop computer
Office air quality may affect employees’ cognition, productivity
‘Canyon of fire’ solar storm to hit Earth today or tomorrow
a vase sitting on top of a white table next to a light shining through the window
Curators Discover a Rare Chinese 'Magic Mirror'—One of Only Three Known in the West—in the Depths of the Cincinnati Art Museum's Storage | Artnet News
two potted plants sitting on top of a black table next to each other in front of a white wall
Photosynthesis Enhanced Trees Grow Faster and Capture More Carbon
an aerial view of some rocks in the middle of a dirt field with trees and bushes behind them
World’s oldest forest to be protected after grant
a man standing on stage in front of a screen with the words paul serenoo
Paul Sereno - Paleontologist | The University of Chicago
fireflies flying in the air over a path through a forest filled with tall trees
Synchronous fireflies create a real-life enchanted forest. But you don't have to win a lottery to see something amazing after dark.
an image of a double strand of rope with the letter d in it's center
Side Effects May Include … A Completely New Hair Color?
a snow covered mountain with a lake in the middle
Mystery at 'Skeleton Lake' continues to puzzle and enthrall
four ticks are shown next to two dollars and one is labeled with tick numbers
Tick ID | Tick-borne Diseases | Ticks
504 Plan, Medical, Pediatrics, Academic Success, Summer School, 504 Plan Accommodations, Academic Achievement
Medication alone doesn’t help kids with ADHD learn
the word science is shown in grey on a black background, with an image of a person's head
We know what the problem is
an orange and black snake curled up in the grass
SREL Herpetology Program
Fitness, Exercises, Full Body Workouts, Health, Sedentary Lifestyle, Routine, Workout, Exercise, Sit
The Pandemic Warped Our Sense Of Time. Here's How To Gain It Back.
people wearing face masks waiting at an airport
Op-Ed: Don't pretend we're 'back to normal.' Fight for cleaner air to prevent COVID
several children sitting at desks with masks on
Can CO2 sensors be used to assess COVID-19 transmission risk? | National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health | NCCEH - CCSNE
an image of some snow that is very close to the ground and looks like it has been
We now know how the mysterious ridges covering Europa’s surface formed
a white air conditioner sitting on top of a wooden table next to a blue pencil
Mini Corsi/Rosenthal Box Fan Kit - Tex-Air Filters
an image of a weather map with lines
Two Years to the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!
an image of a pink and purple corona
The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness - Salk Institute for Biological Studies