richehouses: “ Modern dining rooms are designed with one basic thing in mind - simplicity and convenience. Here are 171 modern dining room ideas. I love Read more: 171 Modern Dining Room.

Red and white tablescape.

Red and White Christmas Table Setting Ideas Here. Love a theme for Christmas then you will just love all these gorgeous and classy table setting we have for you.

pretty package/table setting.

Set The Hanukkah Table: Break out the fine china and crystal for an elegant Hanukkah evening celebration. On top of the formal place setting, present each guest with a thoughtful gift wrapped in rich blue and gold.

Steve Leung

STEVE LEUNG DESIGNERS - Project Pages --- What a beautiful home office. Barbara Wirth Art admires the screens, suspecting that they slide to the side to reveal great storage. Check out the cove lighting for soft mood setting. Great style overall.

Beautiful Antique Sevres Demitasse Cup  Saucer

Selection of Antiques, Decorative Art, Ceramics, French, Porcelain for sale by Judith Ravnitzky.