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two pictures of a white dog with ducklings in front of him and on the ground
Cutest. Thing. Ever.
Cutest. Thing. Ever.....love is love :)
a leopard walking across a body of water next to rocks and tree branches with its reflection in the water
Looking glass
Who says you can't find company in yourself? Female jaguar Maderas' reflection glistens back at her in this shot by Ion Moe.
a brown dog walking next to a horse on a leash
would love a dog that gets along with a horse.
a white wolf with blue eyes looks into the distance
The colours of winter magic - Fairies & Co
I sit in the snow glaring at my opponent as were staring at each other fierce.When the clock struck twilight its began MEOW! BARK! WHIMPER! THUD! My opponent is down to the ground.-bows-
a black and white husky dog is looking at the camera
Собачья фотоподборка
a black, brown and white dog sitting in the street
++ Now THIS is cute ++ by SaNNaS on DeviantArt