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Beautiful Russian poppy seed bread that was rolled & sliced before baking.

Tradiční český guláš - ApetitOnline.cz - Traditional czech goulash

Tradiční český guláš

Tradiční český guláš - ApetitOnline.cz - Traditional czech goulash

Pravý segedínský guláš. Recept podle československé normy

Pravý segedínský guláš. Recept podle československé normy

Česnečka... Czech garlic soup (think French onion soup, with garlic instead)

The Czech Republic’s culinary scene is noted for its hearty comfort food featuring lots of meat and high carb foods. This is not light dining, but it is delicious. You won’t find the average Czech sitting in a café sipping Pinot Gris and nibbling at

Czech Crepe Recipe Filled with Berries and Cream - Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right

Czech Crepes filled with Berries and Cream

My grandmother's old fashioned Czech dumplings....still alive and well in Prague!!

Old-Country Czech Dumplings

My Czechoslovakian grandmother made these delicious dumplings when I was a child. I thought I& never taste them again. :( A few years ago while visiting Prague, Czech Republic I discovered they& alive and well! :) You will not be disappointed!

Knedliky - Czech Dumplings Recipe | This makes me so happy!

What could be more Czech than knedliky ! They are often served as a side dish to meat with gravy, but there is also a sweet fruity variatio.

Czechoslovakian Kolacky Cookies made with Cream Cheese

Polish Kolaczki Cookies which is a delicious soft delicate pastry filled with your favorite lekvar filling of apricot, prune or other FIRM fruit filling

Sour Bean Soup (Kyslá Fazuľová Polievka)

Sour bean soup (kyslá fazuľová polievka) is one of the traditional Slovak soups. Visit the website to learn how to prepare it from an illustrated step-by-step recipe.

Vanilkové rohlíčky http://www.tescorecepty.cz/recepty/detail/235-vanilkove-rohlicky

Vanilkové rohlíčky http://www.tescorecepty.cz/recepty/detail/235-vanilkove-rohlicky

Czech Cook Book: Bread dumplings

Ingredients - 2 eggs - cup milk - 1 teaspoon salt - 3 cups of flour, sifted with a pinch of baking powder - 4 sli.