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The important conversation my son initiates right when we’re rushing out the door, the happy baby covered in the cornstarch she just dumped all over the kitchen floor (and herself!), the smell of spri

Carving out time and attention for the things that really matter isn’t as easy as it sounds - here's a list of 12 powerful books to help live life more simply and make time for the things that are importan

Great list! 50 BOOKS THAT MIGHT MAKE ME SMARTER...Have You Read Them? #reading

Absurdity in the stranger essay meursault Absurdity in The Stranger essaysThe Stranger contains a strong notion of absurdity; the useless attempt humanity makes to find rational order where none exists.


5 Controversial Books by Controversial Authors to Make Women Think. What's your opinion? I cant wait to read these i know 2 women who think they think but really have never

Loove anything David Sedaris. He has a sense of humor unlike any author that I have read thus far. You will find yourself bursting out laughing randomly throughout the book, at least I did. I highly recommend reading all his books!

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris - one of the funniest books I have ever read.literally laugh out loud funny! this book started my obsession with all things David Sedaris