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I like to draw, listen to songs and suggest clothing ;-) Czech Republic :-D 15 years old. 1D
Terka Neprašová
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I remember before everyone was like,"well if 2d is length and width, then 1D is just length!" Before these great days of fangirling, we still talked about them. :) so lines go on forever, so 1D has gone a long way. ;) MATH JOKES!

I'm imagining what my math teacher would do if I said this in class. I'm going to pay the seventh graders to scream, "a British Irish boy band!

Funny one direction imagines - Bing Images

Zayn could literally look good as anything. He could be a giraffe and still look better than of the worlds population

hahaha omg harry is the best

I laughed way to hard at this>> Harry's facial expression was the exact same when taylor swift made fun of him during her performance!

Jack is not a Disney  character... he is of DreamWorks...

Jack is not a Disney character. he is of DreamWorks. but awwww my little tarzan, Louis is literally Peter there's no argument about that he just is

One Direction

Person: I'm like One Direction's biggest fan! Person: yes I am, I know like every single thing about them. Niall Horan from One Direction is One Direction's biggest fan.

Guys, go to my following and find @Casey Burnett ! Then go and follow her! She hasn't pinned anything yet?, but I promise she will be an amazing One Direction pinner soon!!! She will also pin other things. Follow her please! (; <3 xx

C'mon let's go party!>>>> ooowwwoooahahhh>>>>>c'mon lets go party!>>>>>>ooowoooahhoowoahhhh>>>ahhhahhhahhhyeaaaahhhh>>god I love this fandom