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Well if the Doctor thinks I am important. then well all those 'real' people in 'reality' can shove if ;) <----- "In 900 years of travelling through space and time, I have never met someone who wasn't important.

I didn't know it was HP until I read the last comment. I'm actually watching it right now<<< emmmm? Hot tom become ugly and made his friends have matching tattoos. yeah ok it's kinda obvious that was about hp

That's the best thimg ever <3

Sabriel and Destiel Soulmate!AU hellllll yeaaa----------> i'm not in the Supernatural fandom but omg I love the idea!

Awesome ... Credit goes to unknown author.

At first I thought this was really sweet and about a couple of normal siblings. Then I continued reading and now I'm crying.<<<<<You bitches at first I thought this was some sweet ass thing about to NORMAL siblings, but no. My own damn fandom ruined it

Made my day😂😂

Made my day😂😂

This is my new excuse for my acne

it's not acne, it's my soul slowly eating away at my vessel because it is too weak to hold my power . oooooooh, that explains it! My soul is trying to escape my vessel because of the coming exams!


SuperCharmed<<This bugs me so much. Sam should be the long haired one, and Adam is the youngest half-sibling they didn't know about until several seasons in.

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When I was reading that I was like Dean okay it's Dean does she not realize she's describing Dean oh wait someone else already told her. Now all she needed to add was that she could make pie for him

"I want to cuddle with Satan" Welcome to the Supernatural fandom, how may we creep you out today...HA! RIGHT?!

"I want to cuddle with Satan" Welcome to the Supernatural fandom, how may we creep you out today. --- But seriously though, I wanna cuddle Satan