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I really can't stand this trend. Whyyyyy. We traded in childish bows for actual bows.. #ToEachTheirOwn #NotMyStyle

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Cute? Well... the rest is close enough!

If they put one more MLP thing to something I love. The new Mlp is a fucking ripoff of HP

Harry Potter

" by WarbucksDesign Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in a Disney style. The Most Magical Place on Earth

I love this except if it was but there is no "end" in "books" it would be better

❤️ Maybe Harry Potter is fictional character, but he will live in our hearts before we remember him and I promise that I won't forget him in my life ❤️

Are you a lion-hearted Gryffindor, or do your loyalties lie with the dark side? It's time to don the sorting hat and face your destiny...

Can I determine which Hogwarts House you should be in by the modern treats and wizard's sweets you pick? CAUTION: This quiz may make you hungry!

so weird. This is freakin awesome, so glad that I saw this on here. This is why I love Pinterest!!

Stuart Little and Dr House?


Apple iPhone MAC wallpapers Wallpapers) – Wallpapers For Desktop

I'm in love with the Snape of you. We push an pull like a wizarding duel. <<< although my wand has fallen too, I'm in love with your Lily. (I JUST MADE MYSELF CRY)

I'm in love with the Snape of you. We push an pull like a wizarding duel. Now my heart is hairy like a warlock's. I'm in love with romine. Last night you were on my broom. And now the handle smells like you.