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Tereza Ulrichova

Tereza Ulrichova
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modernmoreau: Romee Strijd by Migjen Rama

Women’s beauty has inspired humans to dream of a pure, human-condition-free world—as biologist Jeremy Griffith explains in his book ‘FREEDOM: The End Of the Human Condition’, “we lose our soul, of which women is the immemorial image”

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I am a beautiful thing shaped for fighting

“La tête dans les nuages” Published in: Elegant Magazine Photographer : Vanilla Line Annika Cuzner Model Management Mua & A.D : Marika D'Auteuil , Makeup Artist Hair : Nadia Abouwaked

Гороскоп для вех знаков Зодиака: визажиста придумала образы для каждого из 12 знаков Зодиака

makeup artist Setareh Hosseini just combined astrology and beauty together and it's beautiful! Hosseini created a series of makeup photos for each Zodiac si


"She personifies innocence, purity and justice. Her earthly nature makes her exceedingly clever and analytical. All that is beautiful to her erupts in subtle, though magnificent spectacle. She's a maiden & belongs to the pristine; always striving to bring

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Capricorn: Her determination is admirable, her self-containment powerful. She's concrete, ambitious and in charge. Always leading loyally and achieving relentlessly. No mountain is high enough for her to climb, and her love is as stable as the earth.


Uncompromisingly stubborn with a strong willed character, great perseverance and determination. She has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to her limits. Even so, she loves anything that excites her senses. Controlled by inner serenit