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I always forget how stupidly tragic this fandom is until I go look at all the fantastic fanart that shows just how sad the story is lol

doodledominic: “Another Kaneki fanart from me. I’ve never drawn him in centipede form ‘til now. Ballpen and watercolor.

There's also Suki which is the least intimate in my opinion. I did not know about the last one!

And I heard aishiteru is only used on the death bed, lol. So koishiteru more likely used when you are already dead? They mainly use suki desu or maybe daisuki. Has someone ever heard the use of aishiteru or koishiteru?

"...Traurige Menschen lieben den Regen, weil...sie nicht mehr alleine...weinen..."

ⓢⓐⓓ ⓟⓔⓞⓟⓛⓔ ♡ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓡⓐⓘⓝ ⓑⓔⓒⓐⓤⓢⓔ ⓣⓗⓔⓨ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓝⓞ ⓛⓞⓝⓖⓔⓡ ⓒⓡⓨⓘⓝⓖ ⓐⓛⓞⓝⓔ ♡ Is this why I Love rain so much?