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So true!

Bookfessions There is an empty sadness I feel when I finish a series and I wish the series was longer

Problems of a Book Nerd

Problems of a Book Nerd. Confession: I did this with Percy Jackson. I thought the movie was good the first time. Then I read the book and rewatched the movie and I wanted to throw myself into Tartarus.

"You were a character for so long, even after I'd seen your face and knew you were real. And then there was that one night when we got gutsy. When we called the internet friend. And I saw your eyes, and heard your laugh, and I just knew I loved you dearly." -Mira |How to Ride Rollercoaster|

When designing a character, remember this. Don't be stereotypical in writing: anything, anyone can be beautiful/ugly depending on portrayal. Great life application as well.


Must read more! - this is actually a kind of depressing statistic. I mean, think of all those unread books!