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brochure cover design with geometric shapes in blue, orange and pink colors on a gray background
Free Vector | Geometric covers collection with colors
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two magazine covers with an image of a camera and lemon
Branding and Campaign for AND Film Festival
Branding and Campaign for AND Film Festival by Uniform
a woman standing next to a car on top of a yellow and white background with circles
New Poster Collection
Advertisement for Fiat -- colorful design and I was immediately drawn to the work from the bright colors and combination of patterns.
four different colored notebooks sitting next to each other on top of a white surface is expired
CEE | AesseVisualJournal.
two brochures designed to look like they are made out of paper with colorful circles on them
Visual identity for one of Britain's most prolific innovation foundations that is inspired by an ecosystem of kinetic planets.
the words see spark shape shift are above colorful circles
Nesta — Story
Nesta | Story | Pentagram
colorful posters on the side of a building in front of a wall with different colors
Debrecen 2023 Branding - Mindsparkle Mag
Debrecen 2023 Branding - Mindsparkle Mag
three different posters with the names of various musical instruments, including violin and violin player
UK/MEXICO 2015 identity by alphabetical studio
UK/MEXICO 2015 posters by alphabetical studio
three posters with different colors and designs on them
Queens Theatre
Performance photography appears on materials for the Theatre's productions.
an image of four circles with different people in them and one is holding a flag
Pentagram's slick, colourful Queens Theatre identity
JC_ It's Nice That : Pentagram's slick, colourful Queens Theatre identity