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a close up view of a tie with blue, yellow and brown designs on it
three cross stitch designs with different colors and patterns on the same side, each one has an image of a peacock's tail
the cross stitch pattern shows two different designs, one with an arrow and another with a flower
a cross stitch pattern with a tree on it
a cross stitch pattern in the shape of a square with an ornate design on it
geometric square pattern for cross stitch ukrainian traditional embroidery, who like hand made and creation, pixel ornamental vector illustration
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a blue and red cat on it's face
Love - Cross-Stitch Designs
a cross stitch pattern of a cat in pink, blue and green colors on a light blue background
Three colourful cat cross stitch patterns
a cross stitch dream catcher with feathers and beads on it's side, in the middle
a cross stitch pattern with different designs on the front and back, all in different colors