Terka Mayerová

Terka Mayerová

Terka Mayerová
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WELL YUM. i wish i was artsy w food.

the peachy pear — Fruity parfaits 2 ways 👅 made with banana.Fruity parfaits 2 ways 👅 made with banana icecream, fresh fruit, chia pudding and fig+quinoa flake granola 🙌 Twin breakfasts are the best kind of breakfasts 😋💘👯

Elsa's Wholesome Life : Her website is AMAZING!

Elsa's Wholesome Life a food, nutrition, travel, and lifestyle website designed to inspire you to live a life of health and adventure

pinterest: tr0picm00n ॐ

healthy-fit-n-free: “earth—eater: “red cabbage, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrot wrapped in rice paper w/ peanut sauce this was delightful!