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Tereza Hůlková

Tereza Hůlková
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clean and colorful

start with special paper for charcoal soft and hard pencil, dry and oil pastels, marker pointer, pencils. Move to acrylic can be used with water. Water color and water color pencils. Oil paints and knife and finger techniques.

simple for when I  can not find a single thing to wear in my closet. I love this look.  I usually take a 4 or 6 in pants

Perfect work outfit: Black skinny jeans, grey blazer, loose white tank/t-shirt, camel-colored leather bag, and matching shoes. I would change the shoes & bag colour

Trendy Business Casual Work Outfits For Woman 27

Preppy Outfits For Women: What does dressing preppy mean? Dressing preppy is a style of dressing that is typical of the kind of dressing that girls who attend prep schools undertake.

Not only FOR BLONDES It’s crucial to note that balayage is surely not only for blondes. Even balayage is a way to accomplish a hair color that is distinctive and classy. Then balayage might be precisely the ticket! Balayage on… Continue Reading →