Tereza Bartošková

Tereza Bartošková

Tereza Bartošková
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The Best (and Worst) Study Habits Infographic

Why don't grade school teachers implement this every year. I didn't know what type of learner I was until I was 30 returning to college. Helps me a lot now & my kids. Think how much more it could help others ~The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

Stjepan Hauser

Somewhere between Daniel Radcliffe and Ian Somerhalder, there is Stjepan Hauser. The immensely talented and gorgeous cellist and one half of

So perfect

What is the best hair color for blue eyes? What color ideas look great on warm and cool skin tones and blue colored eyes? Here’s a guide on choosing suitable hair dyes that highlight and match well with your skin tone and brown eye color.