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How to make the waist bigger on Jeans

We won& tell anyone and no one will be able to tell! A quick fix to make tighter jeans a little more comfortable in the waist. This quick sewing trick is easy to learn!


Level: easy - Holzscheite als induviduelle Osterdeko

Elephant feet/mini-stilts made from cans.

Pull out those empty tin cans and create something that gets kids moving like these elephant feet. If you have several cans stored up, get multiple kids on their feet and have elephant races across the room!

CDs for burners on DIY cardboard box play kitchen

Make play kitchen from old boxes and CDs. It's cute, but not too sturdy, as it's just cardboard. Good use of the boxes, though, and I love that it's mostly recycled products. Old CDs for the burners?

Art Felt mice in Altoid tin beds. Oh man, would my daughter have loved this when she was smaller. make

Jerrell this looks like a fun weekend project! A tin with a surprise within! DIY Wee mouse tin house // Top 28 Most Adorable DIY Baby Projects Of All Time