I like these curls and hair color. I love sock buns, but I LOVE the curls they make in my little girls hair! I used two of her socks and made on on top of her head and one down a little lower. That seems to make the most even curls for her small head.

Bright purple hair!! Oh man ! I want !

purple hair (once again, curls! Not color! So perfect!) why can't I get my hair to curl like this?


But I've sworn myself off of brightly colored hair! It's just now finally getting healthy after 2 years.

Reminds me of cotton candy..

Rainbow hair<<<no im pretty sure thats cotton candy Yes, this is cotton candy hair and it looks sweet


Mermaid blue and green ombre, gutsy color to pull off but gorgeous when it's done right!

Love her hair but also love the Skeleton key tattoo!

Do you like hot girls with dyed hair? So stop check it out and remember purple and green haired girls have more fun!